Welcome to the world of Fireball!

LyntonFitch Motor Group are excited to announce that we have been appointed Gold Coast’s local stockist and Accredited Nano & Ceramic Paint Applicator for FIREBALL PROTECTIVE COATINGS!

Fireball is a must for all the car lovers out there; put simply its a glass ceramic coating which is applied over your car providing a brighter gloss, deeper protective layer and FAR less time at the car wash! Tell me more!

Originating from Korea,¬†Fireball’s high quality product stands out from the crowd. All SiO2 coating degrade over time due to exposure to harmful UV light. Fireball’s products stay crystalised for longer than other products, protecting your vehicle the way you expect it should do. When other SiO2 coatings degrade they turn powdery, cease being hydrophobic and become porous. Below is a comparison between Fireball’s coating and another leading brand after the quoted lifespan of both products. It’s not hard to see that Fireball outperforms the opposition.


For more information contact us on 0755270666 or email sales@lfmg.com.au