To take a warranty…or not to take a warranty

That is the question we often come face to face with each time we sell a car. And we’ve all been there – running the numbers over and over in our heads. Already exceeding what we wanted to spend each month on the car repayments because, well, we just fell in love with that car. Those extra few dollars spent each week on a warranty really doesn’t play into the mind, its just more money spent after all. But, the question must be raised – what price would you pay for peace of mind? Purchasing a car is a big investment and one that locks many of us down for a good handful of years. Driving out of the yard in your new car you feel exhilarated, roof off, sunglasses on, wind blowing through your hair, yes we all agree it’s a great feeling. But one with little to no thought of what the future may hold for you and your vehicle. Like anything over time “things” can go wrong. Stuff breaks. Not to mention general wear and tear that happens as part of natural progression. So even though in the moment its all about saving the dollars and bottling that drive away feeling for as long as humanly possible, strong consideration must go into taking that safety net – the warranty.

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Warranties aren’t as frightening as they may sound, nor are thy expensive considering what is at stake for potential future cost. Ranging from as little as $19 per week a warranty package can be personally tailored to you, your car and your affordability level. Most go for a 36 month period and options for extended warranties beyond this time can be discussed at the point of signing up. Even if you drive out having not taken up a warranty, get the guilts and decide to sign up later you can as long as it fits approved timeframes and criteria from the administrator.

So here are a few questions you may want to ask your dealership before adding a warranty to your purchase:

What does the Warranty cover?

Understanding what the level of cover you have means you don’t feel burnt at the other end should the warranty ever come into play. Thinking you have the Rolls Royce in cover to find out its a tad more basic may mean you increase cover options to feel more satisfied. On the flip side, don’t pay for what you don’t need, its all relative!

What will void the Warranty on a car?

Find out exactly what happens to your warranty if/when you start “modifying” your car. If you are keen on binge blinging, super charged everything and for it to sound like an F1 car flying around at 200km per hour then discuss these ideas with your dealership when the warranty conversation arises. That way you know where you stand before any issue comes up.

Where can I get my car serviced?

Ensure you don’t create any warranty mishaps and find out exactly where your car can/should be serviced to not void any covers. This can also relate to used cars still under the new car warranty so ask this question to your dealership, keep your mates, mates, brother in laws cousin who apparently dabbles in mechanics away from your car and follow the correct processes to avoid future problems.

The team at LyntonFitch Motor Group use recognised agents National Warranty Company to handle their warranty options on vehicle purchases. Australia’s Largest Independently Owned Specialist Warranty Company, National Warranty Company have provided peace of mind for tens of thousands of car owners since 1999. Check them out at and for further questions relating to your warranty options, call LyntonFitch Motor Group on 07 55270666 or email and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

So to answer that age old question to take a warranty or not to take a warranty? Well it really is elementary.