Thinking about buying a car on the Gold Coast from our local dealership? There are a few things you should consider before choosing any car to buy.

Car History
The most important thing is finding out if the car has good service history and has been in any accidents. The best thing to take a look at is the service books and make sure they are up to date. Also check the insurance and see if there has been any major accidents.

Car Comparison
Before buying a car on the Gold Coast it’s good to have some idea on other makes and models similar to the car you are deciding to buy to make up your mind if the car is for you. For example if you like to make regular trips to Stradbroke island then consider buying a 4wd.

However if you are more into hobbies and have a family then maybe a SUV is for you. However if you maybe work in Brisbane and need something luxurious for long drives then maybe something a little sporty or prestige would be a good buy. Whatever the case make sure you think about the bigger picture before buying just any car.

Test Drive
If its necessary make sure you test drive the car before hand or take the car for a drive around tight corners, hills, and on the freeway for the best assumption on whether the car is not only comfortable but drives well.

If you are looking to buy a very good condition used car on the Gold Coast then you should give LFMG a call.